What’s A Doer To Do While Waiting For Sales?

Charles Silberman, aka silberma1976, is a physical education & health teacher as well as a Fiverr Super Seller. He develops teaching curriculums and contributes regularly to local, national, and industry publications.

Every freelancer’s business ebbs and flows. Sometimes business is brisk (if not overwhelming) and other times things seem considerably slow. Perhaps you’re just starting and sales are trickling in, or perhaps you’ve been at this a while and you’re coming back from vacation mode. Or, perhaps you’re up against an internationally recognized holiday like New Years and the world has slowed down for a short time. No matter the circumstances, if you freelance, you have experienced slow times.

According to a 2015 blog post on Brazen, the average freelancer works 36 hours a week. As with averages, there are times when the hours spent freelancing drop off and times when they are much greater than average. When work is greater than average, things may seem bountiful and nothing but blue skies lie ahead. However, when the hours you’re working drop below the average, and sales are nonexistent or trickling in, panic may set in. That begs the question of why this happens and what to do when sales are slow? Surprisingly, the answers to both questions go hand in hand. Below are some thoughts on why slowdowns occur and what to do in those down times.